1. Syntactic sugars

Composite key for :idents, :extra-conditions, :joins and :cardinality.

If two or more dispatch key share the same configuration, it's handy to have them in the same entry. For example:

instead of:

;; floor-plan
{:idents {:people/all "person"
          :my-friends "person"}}

this is shorter:

;; floor-plan
{:idents {[:people/all :my-friends]

This also applies to keys under :extra-conditions, :joins and :cardinality.

2 :required-columns

You need to understand Pathom plugins to make use of this.

Automatically fetch some columns of the same level whenever a namespace keyword is asked for. This is useful when you want to derive a property from some SQL columns using Clojure code (to be specific, as Pathom plugins)

Please see example.clj for examples. Things to look at:

  • derive-attributes which calculates :pet/age and :person/age from :pet/yob and :person/yob respectively.
  • required inputs for :pet/age and :person/age in :required-columns:
;; floor-plan
{:required-columns {:pet/age    #{:pet/yob}
                    :person/age #{:person/yob}}}

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