Walkable comes with a Duct setup as its development environment which can be found in dev directory.

Duct is a highly modular framework for building server-side applications in Clojure using data-driven architecture.

A more detailed guide for Duct can be found at:


Leiningen profiles

Walkabe source code comes with three Leiningen profiles for three supported sql flavors: postgres, mysql and sqlite. You must specify one of them whenever you start a REPL server or run tests.

Development environment

To begin developing, start with a REPL.

lein with-profile postgres repl
lein with-profile mysql repl
lein with-profile sqlite repl

Then load the development environment.

user=> (dev)

Run go to initiate the system.

dev=> (go)
:duct.server.http.jetty/starting-server {:port 3000}

By default this creates a web server at http://localhost:3000.

When you make changes to your source files, use reset to reload any modified files and reset the server.

dev=> (reset)
:reloading (...)


Testing is fastest through the REPL, as you avoid environment startup time.

dev=> (test)

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